The mBrase Smart Watch

Introducing the new Medrabbits smartwatch. mBrase - an smart & innovative piece of wearable masterpiece, that offers a range of health monitoring features and offers professional insights and analytics of daily activity.


• Realtime health tracking

See your vitals on the companion app in real-time. Track Heart rate, Blood Oxygen levels, Blood Pressure & Body temperature.

• Monitored by healthcare experts.

Your vital information can be monitored remotely by healthcare experts allowing you the benefit of predictive medical intervention.

• Available on any smartphone.

Our companion app is available for all smartphones and will keep track of your health and vital information, with detailed reports and timely doctor consultations

• Affordable Pricing

The Medrabbits mBrase is an affordable piece of necessary innovation.
Prices start at RS 1499 per month.
Get a 20% discount on an annual subscription package.

• Home quarantine Covid-19 solution (Special offer)

At a daily rental of only RS 900 a day for 14 days, we provide extensive home health-care management, Progress report and our doctors on call. Get our Mbrase Device free.