Our Story

The Journey Back Home

Time and health are precious assets we don't recognize and appreciate until they are depleted. This hit home for me in 2017 when my father was hospitalized for a chronic illness. We waited anxiously for him to get discharged and come home, not realizing the challenges that awaited us.

Dealing with an elderly loved one who needs medical care, time, and attention is overwhelming, even when you have family and well-wishers around to help. After facing difficulty getting qualified and dependable healthcare providers to support us at home, I recognized a huge gap in care delivery.

That’s when the seeds for Medrabbits were planted!


That’s when the seeds for Medrabbits were planted

I started at the roots, setting up a state-of-the-art training center in Pune, tailor-made for healthcare professionals delivering home care services. Soon after, we consulted with many healthcare professionals equally passionate about elevating the quality of home healthcare in India to set up the MedRabbit Experience.

Our team has grown exponentially since then, from a two-person company to one with multiple centers nationwide. We are incredibly proud to work with dedicated medical professionals and tech developers who leverage their skills to revolutionize the home healthcare industry.

We look forward to becoming your trusted healthcare partner!

Warm Regards

Amol R Deshmukh

Founder, Medrabbits


What's in a name ?

If you’re wondering why we chose the name “Medrabbits,” you’re not the only one!

The rabbit is one of nature’s wonders. It’s a soft and tender creature but can move with surprising speed and agility. Isn’t that the perfect combination for a healthcare service that prides itself on efficiency and empathy?

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