our Journey

How it all began..

What's in a name ? - "A rabbit is a tame and tender animal that moves with speed and agility" - The essential qualities of an effective home healthcare service.
​ The journey of MedRabbits started in early 2017 when one of the founder's father was hospitalized. After being discharged from hospital, one expects the going to get easier. However, relatives of any patient will tell you that the reality is quite different.
​ Soon after, the process of care and rehabilitation for his father began. While friends and family came in full support, it quickly dawned on him that professional help was the need of the hour, as the rehabilitation process was not a sprint but a marathon.
​ It was then that he realized how difficult it was to obtain trained, qualified, reliable and trusted home healthcare service providers. After experiencing several inconveniences from a customer's perspective, the idea and motto of MedRabbits was born.
​ Fast. Convenient. Cost effective Home healthcare.
​ Thereafter, he setup a state of the art training facility for healthcare professionals in Pune. Along the way, he teamed up with a renowned doctor as co-founder and setup MedRabbits, comprising of a fantastic team of qualified medical professionals and tech developers. Watch out for this space as our techies are revolutionizing the way in which Home Healthcare will be delivered in India.
​ The healthcare professionals engaged by MedRabbits are trained in-house with the help of a bespoke training program specifically designed to address home healthcare issues. The professionals also undergo stringent background, health and reference checks.